Snap Communications Client

Snap Communications Client 3.0

The Snap Client is responsible for regular communications with the Snap Severs
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The Snap Client software is the element of the Snap Internal Communications solutions that resides within the organization’s environment.
The Snap Client is a software program responsible for regular communications with the Snap Severs, management of local data files, communicating any response data back to the Snap Servers, synchronizing content status (i.e. downloading new content
when it is available), gathering user identity and group information and auto updating / patching the current instance of the Snap Client in order to apply new functionality.

The Snap Client executes at login time and stays running throughout the duration of a user logon session. Data files which are stored on users PCs include the delivered content data, local configuration settings, log files, users responses to quizzes and
surveys, statistics on content display as well as user identity and group information.

When the Snap Client downloads new content, it will display it on users PC screens at the prescribed time.

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